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Butch culture is a site dedicated to promoting social justice,eco feminist and pagan perspectives on gender and the world. Gathering images of butch lesbian and queer culture and those who love them and all who dare to be powerful.


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Petition for Financial Accountability and Security The banks, mortgage companies, credit card providers, and investment firms who blindly drove our economy off a cliff are lobbying as hard as ever against real reform. It seems that all they want to do if they survive this crash is head right for another cliff! Let’s take the wheel! Team up with millions of other Americans in Public Citizen and the new Americans for Financial Reform campaign to loudly call for the federal government to put consumers and workers first! Sign the petition below to restore transparency, oversight, and fairness to the financial marketplace. Together, we can make the economy work for everyone again. Click here to learn more about real financial accountability and security. Petition for Financial Accountability and Security:click here to take action now!

White Privilege Conferece

Great Wall Street Robbery!/Bailout!

Click here and check out Michael Moore's 15 things you can do!Great links to info about the great wall street robbery!!Butchculture blog, got something to say click here!

TRAILER: Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story'

a simple multi media rap about the bailout!

Rachel Maddow show
In case you lost the White House phone number, Rachel wants to remind you it's (202)456-1414

Conflict of Interest - Henry Paulson, Goldman Sachs and their part in the subprime morgage fraud

Tax payer review about Bailout/ Great Wall Street robbery

Tax payer review about Bailout/ Great Wall Street robbery that has now turned into the great government/ taxpayer robbery!A charged reading and commentary of the November 10th Bloomgberg report to sue Feds. (Update 2 November,10th) Bloomberg News

Update#2 November 10th 2008) http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aOngFPgq7r3M First Report-Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News asked a U.S. court today to force the Federal Reserve to disclose securities the central bank is accepting on behalf of American taxpayers as collateral for $1.5 trillion of loans to banks before the 700 hundred billion dollar bail out! By Mark Pittman