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Occupy WallStreet,A letter to the tea party youth@butchculture.com

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Occupy Wall Street - Hell Yeah!!!!
One of the many reasons to RISE!.
In 2006, Goldman Sachs created junk subprime CDO's
(Collateralized Debt Obligations) with triple AAA ratings,
considered the safest, and sold them
knowing when the sub prime rate ended
on these CDO’s they would go bust.
Henry Paulson was the CEO at the time
these CDO’s were created.
Goldman Sachs then created a company with Deutche Bank
that sold the CDO' to investors
as triple AAA rated investments.
Then bet against the CDO's they sold
with credit default swaps.
Fast forward to 2008 .
Who is head of the US Treasury at the time the economy crashes?
Henry Paulson former CEO of Goldman Sachs.
He along with others at the Federal Reserve
and heads of financial institutions
then initiate the Taxpayer Bailout of WALL STREET
with a one page demand to the Government to bailout Wall Street out .
The government agrees
and within a matter of days wall street is bailed out.
The government buys AIG with tax payer money
and pays Goldman Sachs and others billions on credit default swaps
for the CDO's that went bust
crashing the entire US economy and beyond.
Not one Wall Street executive
or government agency responsible for oversight of financial institutions
has been held accountable for this crime of Willful Blindness!
Goldman Sachs is one of the most obvious players on wall street
who took advantage of the lack of oversight and the deregulation that began in 1999
with the elimination of the Glass- Steagall Act
and manages to easily maneuver between Wall Street and our government.
Our democracy is on the line
and it is long overdue for the people to rise
and determine if we will continue to be a democracy
for the people and by the people or an Oligarchy?
Seeing we already have a constitution that allows us to gather and protest peacefully
to address grievances with our government
and not be killed for speaking up it is in everyone’s interest
to rise and not be complacent in the face of the economic injustice going on right here- right now!
It is clear with the occupation of Wall Street,
and many other towns and cities across America,
and throughout the world,
an evolution beyond greed and exploitation of the many to serve the few has begun!
It is time to rise,
to occupy the globe and speak truth to power
to end the devastation and inhumane practices
of corporate tyranny of the earth,
of indigenous lands and people,
of our food supply, our children’s minds,
and our local and global governmental agencies, solely motivated by greed to benefit the few!

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

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A letter to the tea party youth
Simply protesting President Obama for the stimulus bill or health care, and not understanding or refusing to understand the facts of how we got here is unconscionable and dangerous. Political and historical ignorance are not guiding lights for a political movement. This quote speaks to this point “taking many people who were not politically active — it is not uncommon to meet Tea Party advocates who say they have never voted — and turning them into a force that is rattling both parties as they look toward the midterm elections in the fall.”(ny times)
Proclaiming activism to protect her (95 % of the tea party is white) position of white privilege to fuel the divisions of economic injustice and racism in this country with no factual information in the name of patriotism needs to be addressed by her and the tea party movement! I challenge all new tea party youth to consider this point:
Who just crashed the economy and sent the middle class down the drain regardless of race? The white boy conservatives of the past 8 years. The same people you front for under a new name with your ignorance or refusal to consider or understand the facts!
See chart above
To perceive President Obama as the problem needs to be called for what it is - old school, racist, white protectionist politics. And if Ms. Carender can’t rap her mind around the history of this country in regards to the founding of it, with its racism and economic disparity, alive and well especially now, when the last 8 years have completely destroyed the middle class with its conservative agenda, lack of accountability, corporate greed and robbery.
She needs to stop stoking hate and making light of what you consider someone’s “supposed need”. Carender’s statement, “If you believe that it is absolutely moral to take my money and give it to someone else based on their supposed needs...” fuels a divisive us and them mentality, exposing the insulated bubble of privilege she resides within.
I challenge her and all tea party youth to take a little time to educate themselves with some facts about where most tax dollars go, and about economic injustice in this country. A good place to start would be to consider that 63% of the budget goes to the industrial war complex. The corporate tax breaks especially the health care industry.They may also want to ask themselves who is serving in the military and what economic class they belong to. Who is dying in the two wars we are waging and who is profiting. It is difficult to discern if we are engaged in a war on terror or a war of greed. for corporate interests.
Jenny Beth Martin, a national coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, “She’s not your typical conservative,” she said. “She’s an actress. She’s got a nose ring. I think it’s the thing that’s so amazing about our movement.” Now that’s deep, and definitely will change things? NOT! If the tea party youth really want to make a difference in evolving this country beyond the patriarchal corporate paradigm that is destroying the constitution and people of this country here and around the world, it would serve them to at least acknowledge how we got here, and speak truth to the power within their group instead of being stooges or fronting for greedy white corporate protectionist politics. Do they really know who and what they are supporting and what they stand for and who is fronting the money for their movement? Or, is it just the same old fear and hate, different day?

Quotes taken from NY Times article -Unlikely Activist Who Got to the Tea Party Early ByKATE ZERNIKE Published: February 27, 2010


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a simple multi media rap about the bailout!

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