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Invicible Fashion show 2010 Butchvoices LA from butchculture on Vimeo.

Butch Voices LA Fashion show Invincible 2010 from butchculture on Vimeo.

Chivalry with S. Bear Bergman from butchculture on Vimeo.

Born Butch from butchculture on Vimeo.

A story about butch culture and what it means to be one of the many butch voices on the planet! With the many options to morph in the search for identity in the lgbtxyz community Aimee tells why she considers herself butch and What that means to her.Hella funny,candid,engaging, great entertainment!



Butch voices 2009 was an amazing event!
In less then a year since appearing on the web these amazing folks Joe LeBlanc,Adrienne “Aj” Davis, Mary Stockton, Q, Krys Freeman, Arnetta Smith, Blaze Martin, Sasha T. Goldberg and many others I'm sure, pulled together the fist ever conference for butch identified woman/womyn, Transgendered, aggressives and stud identified folks and did it with amazing enthusiasm kindness and inclusiveness!Lots of work shops and a great line up for the Saturday show where Pippa Fleming set the house on fire with here piece "Where have all the black butch warrior womyn gone.D’Lo had the crowd roaring with her large body of work around identity and culture.Delicio Del Toro well this cat just outrageous! Ivan Coyote brought the house down closing the show with readings about being butch and an ode to femmes. Ivan had everyone crying one moment and laughing in the next! Sundays slam was also amazing Lex rocked the morning with spoken word along with many others!!This was truly an amazing intergenerational multi cultural, identity rich event!Check it out www.butchvoices.com thanks for a great time! www.butchculture.com


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