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by Heather Roan Robbins

Winter Solstice the darkest week of the year which we instinctively light up with festive lights and bonfires, and warm-hearted gestures. Every year we celebrate this end of the longest night and the beginning of the days slowly lengthening, a promise-- echoed in the candle light and evergreens brought in-- that in the darkest of times we see the potential spark of a new spring; life after the quiet death of winter, prosperity after recession, hope after depression. Whether we celebrate the Winter Solstice, the birth of Christ, the birth of Mithras or Buddha, celebrate Kwanzaa, Sankranti, Hanukkah, or the reemergence or Ameratsu, we are reminded that the light returns.

STARCODES WEEKLY is from Friday to Friday. All times listed are Mountain Time. For Pacific, subtract 1 hour, For Central, add one hour, Eastern, add two. For STARCODES MONTHLY and more information about Heather Roan Robbins, visit www.roanrobbins.com Contact me at RoanRobbins@aol.com if you're interested in Starcodes for your publication.

spiraldanceSF.jpg Starhawk author of many works celebrating the Goddess movement and Earth-based, feminist spirituality. I’m a peace, environmental, and global justice activist and trainer, a permaculture designer and teacher, a Pagan and Witch. To see how it all weaves together, follow the many strands of my web.

hotcd2bc.gif Butch culture is a site dedicated to promoting social justice,Love,ECO feminist and pagan perspectives on gender and the world. Gathering images of butch lesbian and queer culture and those who love them and all who dare to be powerful!