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Butch culture is a site dedicated to promoting social justice; exploring eco-feminism in the world and pagan perspectives on gender, and gathering images of butch, Femme, lesbian and queer culture and those who love them, and all who dare to be powerful.

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Pat Buchanan suffers from a really bad case of white privilege un checked!

The problem with white privilege and power combined is not only that white assumes right but can also justify overbearing might, as can be seen in the cop Crowley arrest of professor Gates.

Mr. Crowley, a diversity instructor for the Cambridge police force, needs to seriously consider whether he understands the material he is teaching. Because had he drawn upon the material of his course he would have considered that a black man in the U.S. is going to question if it is his race that brings the police to confront him, especially if there is no crime going on at the time.
Mr. Crowley could have anticipated a possible race response from Mr. Gates and applied some skills to de-escalate the situation, especially since it was possible that it was Mr. Gates own home as the caller indicated?
The bottom line is since it was Mr. Gates home he should not have been arrested! I think there are all kinds of subtext going on here, Class, race, male privilege, white privilege, and obviously EGO! For Officer Crowley to not be willing, or perhaps not knowing how to deescalate the situation is a problem in a profession where confrontation and adrenalin are the starting point of the interaction between officers, suspects or victims!
Because police officers are privileged with power arresting people just because they can is an abuse of that privilege and power and not in the best interest of the community in which they were chosen to protect and serve!
What would have happened if Officer Crowley just said, “We’re just looking out for you and your home, Mr. Gates”, “Welcome back” and left? We would not get to speak to the problems of race, power, and White privilege!
But just talking isn’t enough, and in this case being a teacher of Diversity Sensitivity obviously isn’t either.
Change needs to come to our white communities the social, economic, and political institutions that create, enforce and set the tone for social justice for all and not just the privileged few!
As the LGBTQ community celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Stone Wall Riots, it is still hard to believe that the police will help you and not challenge you even when you call them!

Bloggers like Oliver Willis is following the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, as are other bloggers like The Daily Voice,The Savvy Sista, The Greenwich Diva, Mo' Kelly Report, and Blog-AroundHarlem.com.Check them out @

African American Political Pundit Blog

Racism in 2009: Black Kids Kicked Out Of Philly Pool For ''Changing Its Complexion''
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White male Privilege= White man spouting hate and racism into gold mic getting paid lots of money!

Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?

Privilege = no accountability!! Make a difference today!Contact the White House (202)456-1414
The Federal Reserve - federal only in name (it's a private organization if you didn't know, like Sony (and yes, I know it has share holders, but your 5 shares, ain't going to influence anything agains the banks 5BILLION + shares) is continuing to print money and give it to it's friends (the banks and companies that are likely a part of the fed) NO STRINGS ATTACHED?