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Butch Voices Conference August 20th-23rd 2009 Oakland,California

2nd place contestant in the BUTCH Voices Video Contest is GoddesBoi for her video “Stonebutch, Studs and the Papi Syndrome.” We felt this piece was on point and insightful, offering a perspective we don’t often hear. We appreciated listening as Charita talks about butch stereotypes and why she resists them. It’s also great to have the perspective of an elder woman of color.

Keynote speaker @ butch voices conference Malkia “Mac” Amala Cyril is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Media Justice in Oakland, CA.- a national media strategy and action center building a powerful grassroots movement for racial and economic justice through media change. Key projects include the Media Justice Movement-Building Initiative, the Justice Communications Initiative, as well as training and tools to help grassroots organizers and leaders become better strategic storytellers and media activists.

Check out Butch Voices Conference August 20th-23rd 2009 Oakland,CaliforniaFor all the happenings!