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Butch culture is a site dedicated to promoting social justice; exploring eco-feminism in the world and pagan perspectives on gender, and gathering images of butch lesbian and queer culture and those who love them, and all who dare to be powerful.

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Communique from the Forgotton: Human Rights Campaign HQ
Glamdalized By Queers Against Assimilation
HRC headquarters was rocked by an act of glamdalism last night by a crew of radical queer and allied folks armed with pink and black paint and glitter grenades. Beside the front entrance and the inscribed mission statement now reads a tag, “Quit leaving queers behind.”
The HRC is not a democratic or inclusive institution, especially for the people who they claim to represent. Just like society today, the HRC is run by a few wealthy elites who are in bed with corporate sponsors who proliferate militarism, heteronormativity, and capitalist exploitation. The sweatshops (Nike), war crimes (Lockheed Martin), assaults on working class people (Bank of America, Deloitte, Chase Bank, Citi Group, Wachovia Bank) and patriarchy (American Apparel) caused by their sponsors is a hypocrisy for an organization with “human rights” in their name.
The queer liberation movement has been misrepresented and co-opted by the HRC. The HRC marginalizes us into a limited struggle for aspiring homosexual elites to regain the privilege that they’ve lost and climb the social ladder towards becoming bourgeoisie.
Last night, Obama spoke at the HRC fundraising gala and currently the HRC website declares, “President Obama underlines his unwavering support for LGBT Americans.” The vast amount of organizing resources the HRC wastes on their false alliance with the Democratic party leaves radical queers on the margins to fend for themselves. Our struggle has always had to resist the repression of conservative tendencies in government and society to gain liberation in our lives.
The gourmet affair was sponsored by 48 corporations including giants Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, and Wachovia Bank. At $250 dollars a plate the HRC served our movement a rich, white, heternormative atmosphere that purposefully excludes working class queer folks. REMEMBER THE STONEWALL RIOTS! On the 40th anniversary of Stonewall, pigs raided a queer bar in Texas, arrested and beat our friends, and we looked towards politicians and lawyers to protect us. This mentality is what keeps the money flowing to the HRC and their pet Democrats, and keeps our fists in our pockets.
Most of all we disagree that collective liberation will be granted by the state or its institutions like prisons, marriage, and the military. We need to escalate our struggle, or it will collapse. ~~Love and Solidarity~~

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Butch culture response
The lgbt community as an institution acts as though it is unaware and not at all interested in really addressing social justice/human rights and is as infested with the ill's that come with suffering from a bad case of white privilegesuch as Class, Racism, greed, war, misogyny, gender privilege just to name a few other wise they would not take money that represents theses forms of oppression. As most institutions in America suffer from white privilege,take the in your face great Wall Street robbery/ bail out still going on right now!
As long as we are willing to be bought and sold and wear corporate daddy labels in what ever community we represent divisions between the peoples will continue! The stratification of privilege and power in this country is not going to give up it's privilege or power we must address these issues in our communities with each other be aware of how we spend are money, Who’s money were taking and if in fact it is promoting a world of greater good for all and the planet or Contributing to the rape and exploition of the planet and it's people?
It is no longer complicated or complex to know this information!That is why it is inexcusable! You can choose to contribute to the stratification of privilege and power or create a new way? It is time to rise people! I commend the concerns of the action! But lets do it face to face, state to state, coast to coast Lets take back the HRC the government and dismantle the stratification of privilege and power in the United states of America through peaceful demanding of accountability in our communities government and so called organizations that claim to represent Us!!!!! with great respect and love www.butchculture.com Butchculture blog, got something to say click here!

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